Who We Are


Huw Willis

Huw began serving HEC as pastor in August 2020. He is married to the lovely Gloria, and they have two beautiful girls. Having served as a college pastor in California, Huw was desperate to return to the glories of British weather. He enjoys reading, and drinking Yorkshire Tea.

Mark Foster

Mark works full time for Slavic Gospel Association. A missionary organisation that teaches pastors and church leaders in Eastern Europe.


Peter Davies

Peter is our Buildings Secretary. He is married to Jenny and they have three grown up children.

Trevor Jones

Trevor is the church’s Treasurer. He is married to Tracey and they have three children.

Ian Anderson


Church Workers

Kirstie Davies

Kirstie leads Epic on Fridays alongside others from the church.


Keith Lincoln

Keith leads Epic on Sundays for the younger children with his wife Ann. He has two children and enjoys being outdoors either on his mountain bike or walking in North Wales. 

Jenny Davies

Jenny leads the Tots group on Tuesdays. She is married to Peter.